About The Author

Dirk Knight is a pseudonym for M.D. (Michael Dirk) Thalmann, who lives in Phoenix with his wife and daughters, and writes a column and does freelance for a few magazines and so on. He has a series of satire and science fictions works, as well. Dirk Knight is the dark side of M.D. Thalmann, where he lets all the evil and bile just run amuck.

“I started writing as Dirk Knight for myself (as a way to vent), to satisfy urges and entertain my curiosities. I wanted to know how many of us think the way I do. I have lived in the most depressing and joyful situations. I have starved and lived in cars, I have also had more money than I could spend and had gifts that brought me exquisite joy. From my vantage point, humans are the most unpredictable, astonishing, hateful and sacrificing creatures. I want to understand us (humanity) better and, for me, understanding of humanity… my humanity…┬ácomes from writing fiction, and examining what people might do when they feel no one is watching, what people are capable of (horrible and great), and imaging how seemingly normal people would react if they had exhausted the rational (and sometimes irrational) options. I hope you will join me in my quest to reveal the darkest and brightest aspects of human nature…what will we do when the lights are out?”

-Dirk Knight.

Visit my main page at www.mdthalmann.com

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